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  • My goal is to provide consulting services in areas that are IT-related.
  • With many years of experience in IT ranging from information flow efficiency to detail programming, I can quickly reach the finish with good IT-related solutions.
  • In addition to the wide-ranging IT expertise, I am in possession of very valuable insights in a variety of industries.
  • In my work I strive for an extrovert holding with the goal of creating effective interpersonal communications with clients.
  • All IT-related mission is for me interesting whether large or small.
  • Please contact me today for an informal chat!


  • Since 1974 I have worked with analysis and system development of many types of applications using many types of tools and methods.
  • In recent years I have built up my experience based on object orientation and modeling technology.
  • The tools I currently use the most is MySQL, PHP, JAVA in many forms, C++, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, XML/XSLT and HTML.
  • I have experience in solving tasks both at a overall level (solution architecture) as at a detail level (programming/implementation).
  • My experience is also based on the knowledge about interaction/integration between different types of data systems.
  • Several years back I was hired by several companies to develop IT-related programs to control and manage the construction of the offshore installation in the North Sea.
If you want to know more, you are free to download my CV here.

Some of the latest website/apps projects

Developed a travel log application for Android mobile phones. The app uses GPS to measure car-driving or other movements from point to point. The measurement can be manual or automatically controlled. When automatic control is selected, the app will trigger a trip start and end using Bluetooth in the car / vehicle. The travel log can be exported to other systems via email. There are two app varieties one without export (lite) and one with export (pro).

Status: finish
Developed a new invoice control system for Nettec AS, Norway. The system reads invoice excel-files from Telenor's with customer subscription details. All the data are edited, sorted, and presented in a clearly way for strengthening and simplify the internal control of the details in these invoices.

Status: finish
Developed a new shopping system for Nettec as, Norway. Nettec as providing data communications since 1985 and currently provides communications solutions for mobile carriers (GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G/ICE) and broadband. For sale online, they had to have a new solution.

Status: finish
Developed a new system for Dynashipping as, Norway. The broker, Dynashipping, needed a tools on a website to manage their activities and take control over the status for ships that have the capability to transport different kinds of goods from habour to habour in the world.

Status: finish
In 2013 I shall develope the website, www.fuglevikliaVel.no, for the Fugleviklia Velforening team. This website is meant to be a tool for them to inform members about events and planned activities.

Status: finish
Much of the time in the last years has gone into developing a website, www.w3processing.com, which is intended to be a free learning center for programmers.

Status: finish
In 2012 I developed the website, www.fuglevikbryggen.no, for the Fuglevikbryggen team. This website is meant to be a tool for them to inform members about events and planned activities.

Status: finish
In 2011 I developed the website, www.fuglevikliavannverk.com, for the Fugleviklia vannverk team. This website is meant to be a tool for them to inform members about events and planned activities.

Status: finish


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